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It seems Loan Servicing companies are pushing their delinquent borrowers to do a Deed-In-Lieu rather than a Short Sale.  This has been cause for speculation among Realtors doing Short Sales.  Why would the banks want to do DIL in a down market (Florida), when a Short Sale now would net them more money and help […]

St. Petersburg FL – I am following up on a question from Arman. His loan was owned by Fannie Mae and the company handling the loan for Fannie Mae was rejecting an excellent Short Sale offer for no reason. Discover how other sellers successfully did a short sale to avoid foreclosure by clicking here. Here […]

St. Petersburg FL – The Stop Foreclosure Institute recently received a question from Arman. Here is his question: I am a Seller trying to avoid foreclosure. My agent has a buyer and his offer is with the lender from last seven months. Now the lender told us that Fannie Mae investor refused the short sale […]

I almost flipped when I saw this headline!  Finally, the nasty games mortgage servicing companies play are being brought to light.  I’ll bet we see more of these articles and lawsuits.  And I’m willing to wager that this sounds familiar to homeowners: Failing to credit homeowners who submitted their payments on time. Falsely claiming that […]

Inevitably, my clients that are behind on their mortgage payments and possibly facing foreclosure ask me, “What about a loan modification?”  Here’s my answer: Modifications are intended primarily for owner occupants.  Also, attempting a loan modification does not stop the foreclosure process. By the time the property owner finds out the bank won’t cooperate on […]

At the dawn of the foreclosure crisis/global meltdown, I speculated that we would see 3 things increase: 1. Layaway 2. Customer Service Quality 3. Road Rage As of this week, I would say I’m 3 for 3.  K-Mart’s offering layaway, surly servers have taken a hike (I got a call from VisionWorks the other day, […]

I just finished reading Dewey, The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World. What a great book, great story, great cat.  In the 1980s, right around the time Dewey showed up in the overnight book drop, Iowa farmers were experiencing what Florida homeowners are experiencing right now. The only difference is that, in addition to losing […]