St. Petersburg Short Sales: How To Know When The Short Sale Negotiator Is Lying


St. Petersburg FL – Negotiating short sales is tough. In my opinion, some of the banks are not making good financial decisions. “We won’t approve the file without the financials completely filled out,” they say.

Or, they tell you the numbers won’t work when the investor guidelines actually say to approve the short sale. If the agent doesn’t know who owns the loan (or their short sale guidelines), then the bank negotiators can lie to them. They don’t know any better. Let me give you an example.

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The Stop Foreclosure Institute recently closed a short sale where the owner of the loan was the Federal National Mortgage Association, also called Fannie Mae.

The bank’s appraiser said the home was worth $220,000. Because of prior experience with Fannie Mae Short Sales, I knew what percentage of the appraised value that they would accept. The short sale offer being presented would net them $6,000 more than that number.

The negotiator countered. She said the buyers needed to pay even more for the house. We asked the buyers if they would raise their offer.

The buyers told us that it was their highest offer. They had looked at many other homes for sale. If their offer wasn’t accepted, they already had another home in mind to purchase.

Most agents don’t know the guidelines for short sales. They would have taken the short sale negotiator’s answer at face value. As a result, the short sale would have been rejected.

The buyer would have bought the other house and the seller would be at risk of losing the home to foreclosure.

Fortunately, we knew the short sale guidelines. Because we knew the numbers and the guidelines, we were able to push the negotiator for an approval. The file was approved and the sale closed a little while later.

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Thanks for reading this and I welcome your comments.

Jennie Blackburn, Realtor, CDPE, Certified HAFA Specialist

Jennie is a Real Estate Agent at Blackburn Investors Realty.

Phone: 727-599-5418.

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One Response to “St. Petersburg Short Sales: How To Know When The Short Sale Negotiator Is Lying”

  1. FACT – Servicers (who the homeowner writes their checks to), ONLY have a “fiduciary” responsibility to their client, the homeowner (they do even lie to homeowners, but, they are not supposed).

    Legally, they have Zero, ZIp, Zilch, Nada agreemetn in place with agents, attorneys, or anyone else (why do you think they will REFUSE to let you “record the call”, but, they CAN record the call)

    GOod post above, negotiators lie, just comes with the territory, you MUST however know how to overcome this issue when it arises!!!!
    Best of luck to anyone dealing with short sales.

    Ben Benita

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