St. Petersburg Short Sales: What To Do After The Lender Rejects The Short Sale Offer


St. Petersburg FL – What do you do when the house won’t sell for any more money, but the bank keeps on rejecting the offers? You can give up, but the seller may lose their home to foreclosure.

Ouch! Why not escalate the file and get it approved? Here’s an example of how it worked for the Stop Foreclosure Institute.

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We had a house on the market for 4 months. We started the price at 200k and slowly brought it down to $169,900. We finally got an offer for $159,000. Since I knew the bank’s appraiser’s valuation, I knew the offer wouldn’t work.

The bank’s appraiser said the house was worth $195,000. Yes, after we had had the house on the market for 4 months!! Because I knew the loan owner’s guidelines, I knew that that current offer of $159,000 didn’t have a shot at getting accepted.

In order to get this file through, I had to do two things:

  1. Convince the bank that their valuation was inaccurate and that they should order a new value.
  2. Escalate, escalate, escalate the file!

Thing #1:

I send my own opinion of value, also called a Comparable Market Analysis, along with comparable homes for sale. I explain that the valuation they were using is inaccurate and that they needed to order another one.

Thing #2:

I ask for the bank negotiator’s supervisor’s contact info. Remember, most of our communications are e-mail. Two-thirds of the time they will e-mail me back the supervisor’s info. The other one-third of the time they will just start doing a better job on the file.

If the new bank appraiser’s valuation comes back within range, they will approve the file and we can close. On the subject house, the new appraiser’s valuation came back within range. We received an approval on the short sale and it closed a little while later.

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