Condo Fees In A Florida Foreclosure: Who Pays?

When Homeowners have financial troubles, the last thing they fall behind on is the mortgage, but the first thing they stop paying is the Association dues. Because of this, many Condo & Homeowner Associations in Florida are squeezed for funds and have become aggressive in pursuing every penny. They now have legal representation, have been successful in litigating similar cases, and are not as likely to back off.  
What bank negotiators don’t realize is that if the property goes into foreclosure, it could end up costing radically more than just the delinquent Condo fees.
1.       Special Assessments:
Unlike delinquent maintenance fees, Special Assessments are not extinguished in a foreclosure because they are part of the property’s cost basis. In other words, the assessed amount becomes real estate — part of the property.  Example: Structural improvements or repairs not covered by association reserves. Delinquent maintenance fees are part of an Association’s receivables, but assessments are part of the real estate itself. As this assessment directly affects the tax valuation of the property, it cannot be separated from it. Which means when a bank forecloses and the property becomes an REO, the entire assessment must be paid, plus the back due monthly fees and the Association’s legal fees, penalties, and the bank’s legal fees.
2.       HOA or COA:
One wrinkle to check for is whether the property is governed by a Homeowner’s Association or a Condo Association.  Currently, in a Florida foreclosure, the bank would only have to pay 12 months* of Condo Association dues (or 1% of the original loan amount, whichever is lower) in order to deliver clear title to the next owner. However, litigation in Florida is less certain regarding unpaid back dues owed to HOAs after a lender forecloses. 
3.       Attorney Fees:
Another thing the bank negotiator may not be thinking of is that, even if they only have to pay 12 months of past due monthly Condo fees after a foreclosure…what about the legal fees owed to the Condo Association’s attorney? Judges are lawyers. You think lawyers look out for other lawyers? 
The bottom line is that foreclosure will cost a bank more than just a few months of fees and it is in the lender’s best interest to negotiate these costs as part of a short sale, rather than dragging its feet until foreclosure.
*only 6 months prior to new legislation in 2010

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